Support those with disabilities by donating to CODSN.

When you donate to CODSN, you support a peer-delivered, results-backed organization in doing everything we can to help those with disabilities and their families.

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A Peer-Delivered, Community-Funded Network

CODSN is funded solely by grants and private donations, not Medicaid or other fee-based services. Like the PBS motto, these services are brought to you – at least in part – by “viewers like you.” Every donation you make allows us to continue serving individuals with disabilities in our community.

Why Should You Donate To CODSN?


We Don't Charge For Services

We’re not a fee-for service organization. Your donation goes directly toward sponsoring families that have been touched by disability so that cost is never a barrier.


We Provide Support As Peers

Every member of our team has been touched by disability themselves in some way. We serve from a place of empathy, not sympathy.


We Keep Down Administrative Costs

93% of our funding goes directly to the families and the support we provide. We keep administrative costs low so we can use more funds directly helping the families we serve.


You Choose Where It Goes

You get to choose exactly which program(s) your donation will support.

Who’s Already Donating to CODSN?

If you’re in one the following groups, you’ll be in good company if you decide to give!

  • Family, Friends, And Caregivers: We receive many donations from family members of those with disabilities. If you’re a a family member looking for an easy (but essential) way to help, donation is a great way to support the ones you care about from afar.
  • The Community Of Disability: Members of our community that are living with disabilities see what we’re doing and want to help. If you experience a disability and are looking for a way to give, participating in our work through donating is an amazing way to empower others who have a similar experience to yours.
  • Generous Local Service Providers: Our mission isn’t just to serve those with disabilities individually. We want to create a whole community that is supportive and welcoming of diversity. If you’re a local provider who sees the value in that kind of community, donation is a great way to build it here in Oregon.

What Are We Doing With Donations?
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Help Create A More Inclusive World For People With Disabilities

Imagine a world where people with disabilities are accepted, valued for their uniqueness, respected for their contributions, and are given the opportunity and choice to live self-determined lives. When you donate to CODSN, you’re helping us to build that world. We need your help. Because together, the possibilities are endless!

Donate Specifically to the Run & Recharge Program

The Run and Recharge with Jason Respite Program was designed to offer parents and caregivers in the Bend area a safe place to drop off their child with a disability. Parents and families can then enjoy some free time for self-care or family bonding. You can elect to donate finances, volunteer, or donate services to this vital program.