Find inspiration, encouragement, and essential disability resources in our new parent binders.

If they could do it, so can you. Our new parent binders are filled with success stories of families who have been touched by disability. In their own words, you’ll read about how other families not only survived, but thrived. You’ll also be connected with local resources, information, education, and support as you chart your family’s own story of success.

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You Won’t Be The First To Succeed Raising A Child Who Has A Disability

The birth of hope is knowing that you’re not alone. You are not the first person to feel isolated or discouraged by your situation, nor will you be the first to overcome those feelings. Many families impacted by disability have come before you and are living full and whole lives. And there are resources available in your community to help you do it too.

Nancy Stevens is a Program Coordinator for CODSN, disability advocate, athlete, world traveler and musician. Nancy wrote this song for her family who have been lifelong supporters and encouragers for her.

Inspiration, Hope, and Resources In A Three Ring Binder

Our new parent binders were assembled with you and your family in mind. Everything inside was curated by a group of parents just like you who put together helpful and necessary resources based on their experience. Some of these resources include:


Information about CODSN and the services that we provide at no cost to you


Inspirational essays, stories, and articles written by other families in our community sharing their experience so you can reclaim a positive vision for your child’s life.


Phone numbers and email addresses of local, state, and national disability resources so you can get important information.


General facts and science-based information about disabilities so you don’t have to rely on outdated information you might have received.


Connections to medical resources and healthcare guidelines specific to your diagnosis to ensure your medical team is up to date and providing the best care possible.

Stories of Hope | From The Binders

Having Ben around makes our families life more full and exciting. He contributes to lots of smiles and laughs that just make life much more fun!

Parent - Central Oregon

If given the choice, I would not trade him for all of the “typical” babies in the world! Enjoy your journey! You will learn more and LOVE more than you ever thought possible!

Parent - Central Oregon

I am once again optimistic about his future and all he will accomplish.  I am eager to share my experiences with other parents struggling with the same issues I have and give them the tools and resources they need to advocate for their children, to believe in their children and be the best parent and person they can be!

Parent - Central Oregon

This experience has helped me find more meaning in life and the importance of slowing down to enjoy life more every day.

Parent - Central Oregon

Where can I get one of these binders?

All of the local hospitals in Central Oregon have these binders in their possession and they are available on-request. Many local healthcare providers have them too. Or if you’d rather go right to the source, you can contact us and we’ll deliver one right to your door or mail it to you, whichever you’d prefer!

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Simply send us a message and request one of these binders for your family. We’re excited to deliver one to you and meet you when we do, in person or through email!